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Public Interest Pictures & Shoot First Inc.  Executive Producers HOLLY MOSHER & REBECCA LYNN MINKIN,  Written & Directed by JOHN WELLINGTON ENNIS, 

(2014, 87 min)


WHEN: Sunday November 16, 2014  1:15pm

WHERE: Community Church NY, Gallery Room, 28 East 35th St. btwn Park&Madison Aves.

ADMISSION: Free, donations appreciated

SPECIAL GUEST: - SALLY SWISHER from Big Apple Coffee Party


Money in politics: The issue has been a growing concern for many years but has taken on new urgency with recent Supreme Court decisions. Has our democracy become a “Pay 2 Play” system? Filmmaker John Ennis, driven by the most basic of human motives - to make the world better for his baby girl,  pieces together the cycle of pay-to-play politics that rules America and finds some solutions along his surprising journey.


The “great American” board game “Monopoly”  is used as a symbol of our money culture and is a recurrent motif throughout the film. Ennis looks to find a way out from under a system where politicians reward their donors with even larger sums from the public treasury -- through contracts, tax cuts, and deregulation. When insiders control the game, how can an outsider have a voice? Inevitably he must confront the infamous Citizens United decision in which the Supreme Court, determining that money is speech and that corporations are persons, allows unlimited contributions to political ads with very few regulations. Enter the billionaire Koch brothers and their extensive campaign to influence American elections.


Ennis journeys through high drama on the Ohio campaign trail following candidates who refuse to take big money and what enormous obstacles they face.  In addition to gaining insight into the nuts & bolts mechanisms of how politics work, he also uncovers the secret history of the game Monopoly along the way, and explores the underworld of L.A. street art, all on a humorous odyssey that reveals how much of a difference one person can make.


The film moves along at a lively pace.  In the process his film serves as a layman’s guidebook to taking back our democracy. Ample use is made of footage of vibrant colorful street demonstrations against various manifestations of corporate power; from Occupy Wall St. to a May Day demonstration that unfolds a massive Monopoly Board designed to cover a city intersection in L.A. Interspersed are interviews with ordinary Americans as well as commentary and analysis from a long list of  well known luminaries in the social justice field: Robert Reich, Noam Chomsky, Lawrence Lessig, John Nichols, Van Jones, Marianne Williamson, Mark Crispin Miller, Thom Hartmann, Bob Edgar, Chris Hedges,  and more...