RESISTANCE CINEMA, THE WESPAC FOUNDATION, and AMERICAN IRANIAN FRIENDSHIP COMMITTEE (AIFC)  Present “SILENT SCREAMS” a film by Karla Hansen, Karla Hansen Productions, (2009, 34 minutes) 


WHEN:  Tuesday March 16, 2010  7 PM

WHERE: Community Church of NYC Gallery Room 28 East 35th st. @ Park Ave.

ADMISSION:  Free, donations appreciated

SPECIAL GUEST:  Director KARLA HANSEN and her husband, Professor ISMAEL HOSSEIN ZADEH, Ph.D., will host a question-answer period on the film, on Iran and U.S. foreign policy in that region


Prompted by her intriguing seven week stay in Iran, central Iowa peace activist Karla Hansen deftly weaves together the simple and meager lives of tribal villagers in Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan.  Gripping stories detail the civilian suffering in war-torn Afghanistan and Pakistan as a result of bombardments by U.S. unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) controlled remotely by Creech Air Force pilots sitting in trailers located thousands of miles from the battlefield.

Silent Screams delivers a compelling message on the effects of warfare at home and abroad. While rendering a timely message against the ‘cut and paste’ formula of U.S. military expansion threatening Iran as the next target, the film reaches beyond defenseless victims overseas.  Exploring the adverse impact of a burgeoning Pentagon budget on many Americans who experience cruel spending cuts to vital social needs… Silent Screams echoes the desperation around the globe for victims without a voice. 



“Silent Screams, unabashedly polemical, is a carefully calibrated broadside aimed directly at the ignorance, disinformation, crimes, and excesses that characterize the U.S. government’s so-called Global War on Terrorism, re-branded  by the Obama administration as Overseas Contingency Operations"  

      Michael Gillespie, Contributing Editor, The Independent Monitor



“Diplomacy does not always mean we believe the same things, but rather that we understand where the other party is coming from. One of the most powerful messages in Silent Screams, is that life goes on even in war zones -- marriages, births, schooling, housekeeping, and all of the things that should make for a good life”. 


      Kathryn Koob, former U.S. hostage in Iran