RESISTANCE CINEMA Presents;  Normon Solomon’s “WAR MADE EASY: How Pundits Keep Spinning Us To Death” , a Media Education Foundation film, based on a book by Normon Solomon, narrated by Sean Penn, produced and directed by Loretta Alper,  2007, 73 minutes.


WHEN:  Sunday September 16th, 1:15pm

WHERE:  Community Church of NY, Gallery Room, 28 east 35th st. @ Park ave.

ADMISSION:  Free; donations appreciated 


Another great film from the Media Education Foundation, “War made Easy”  brings to the screen Normon Solomon’s insightful analysis of how governments bent on war-making have relied on a vast arsenal of propaganda techniques to overcome resistance at home and disapproval abroad. Looking closely at the spin strategies employed by today’s pundits and public officials to build support for the invasion of Iraq, the film finds striking parallels to the information wars waged by earlier administrations, both Democratic and Republican.


Shattering the illusion that a free press is immune to propaganda, “War Made Easy” provides ample evidence of the media’s complicity in promoting government agendas for war. Moving from Vietnam to Iraq, the film examines how news reports have become nearly indistinguishable from White House and Pentagon talking points, a problem that has been exacerbated by journalists who have grown accustomed to being fed information by official sources. 


Archival footage from Vietnam to the present and clips of all U.S. presidents from Kennedy to George W. Bush  strengthen the argument visually and leave the viewer much to think about.