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A Brief History of Artists For Humanity:

            Artists for Humanity was created in 2004 under the name Artists For Peace, as a voice  for peaceful solutions to world conflicts during the Republican National Convention. Three concerts of  dance, music, and spoken word were presented during that week at venues around the city, in conjunction with the Imagine Festival. In March 2005, AFH presented a multi-genre event at The Community Church of New York to commemorate the 2nd anniversary of the war in Iraq.

            AFH has expanded it’s vision to become a vehicle for linking performing artists with humanitarian causes. In August, 2005  AFH held its first jazz fundraiser,  for Centro De Idiomas, a small school in rural Ocotal, Nicaragua which featured the Russell Branca Quintet. Money raised at this event provided twenty students with full year scholarships. In November, 2005 a fundraiser featuring THE IVORY CONSORT raised money for SEEDS OF PEACE, an organization that brings together Israeli and Arab youth to train as the peace leaders of tomorrow.

       On April 9, 2006 AFH presented a concert featuring dance and poetry at Community Church called “No More Fallujahs” to commemorate the beginning of hostilities between the residents of that beleaguered Iraqi city and U.S. military forces which eventually led to a brutal invasion and occupation. 

        We are proud to once again have presented this year our “2nd Annual Jazz Coffeehouse Fundraiser” for Centro De Idiomas in Ocotal, Nicaragua.  This school reaches out to some of the poorest children in the world  and gives them access to an education they might otherwise not have.

            Under the AFH banner, cofounder and choreographer Sue Bernhard has presented dances which address the war  at The Riverside Church on International Peace Day, the Dance for Peace Festival in Fort Greene Park,  the Dance Under the Bridge Festival, Cool New York Festival, Jose Limon Institute, Montclair State College, and American Theater for Actors. She will present a new piece based on American Friends Service Committee’s “Eyes Wide Open” exhibit at SUNY Purchase in November.

The following artists have performed at AFH Events:

David Appel (dance), AFH Improvisational Dance Ensemble, Anna Sololow/Players™ Project (dance), Heather Bennett (music), Sue Bernhard Danceworks, Russell Branca Quintet (music), Clueless (music),  Christine Dakin (former Director of the Martha Graham Dance Co.), Def Dance Jam (dance and music), Kali Z. Fasteau (music), The Ivory Consort (music), Lee McClure (music), Susannah Pryce (spoken word),  Milos Raickovich (music),The Reflect/Respect Project (poetry),  Reverend Billy (spoken word), The Robert Ross Band, Valerie Samulski (dance), Jane Sato (dance) Noopur Singha (dance), Rachel Stone (music), Warfield Suite (music), Eliot Katz (poet) 

A very special Thank You  to all who have assisted and supported us in our work; the Community Church Action For Justice Committee, the Education Committee of Not In Our Name, and the Peace Task Force of All Souls Church. 



ARTISTS FOR HUMANITY is an organization that seeks to  connect artists with social humanitarian projects dedicated  to peace. We  believe that art is a powerful vehicle for recognizing and expressing our shared humanity, and that this  recognition  is a catalyst   for positive social action. By  partnering with various humanitarian organizations in  producing cultural events, we hope to realize a  synergistic effect that will benefit both  the organization and the artist.

Integral to  war is the process of dehumanization of the "other". Through performance events, AFH seeks to  build connections between people of different cultures.

Artists For Humanity is a grassroots organization which  exists   through the generosity of its members and audience. This enables us   to provide performance venues  for work  which  directly addresses social issues, and artists who dedicate themselves to  these issues and may not  be seen in more mainstream arenas. Together we reconstruct the primal relationship between artists and audiences within an environment of a shared social and spiritual vision.

AFH seeks to foster relationships between artists and the community. We are working toward holding  educational workshops   which enable people to explore similarities between  creative  processes and  processes needed to build peace; thereby  developing tools for peacemaking and  initiating connections  between artists and communities.

Artists For Humanity seeks to contribute  to this work-in-progress called “civilization”  supporting the idea that a diverse but sublime  aesthetic sensibility becomes the portal through  which we find revelation,  hope, and ultimately, relevance.

-August 2005-